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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
To be the best school operator and partner of choice in the region, providing educational excellence and nurturing students to thrive in an ever-changing world.
We provide outstanding education within a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, setting the stage for tomorrow’s leaders, building character and shaping our youth into strong, principled global citizens.
Our passion, personal approach and purposeful partnerships provide students with the best learning opportunities, empowering them to reach their full potential.
As a leader, we push the education agenda and settle for nothing less than excellence.
We’re driven by passion and a desire to learn and improve, both as individual industry professionals and as a group.
We share knowledge, and constantly use it to carefully craft what we do and how we deliver it – wherever that may be.
We anticipate the future; we know the careers and industries of the future will be different, and thus we focus on a holistic, balanced approach to education that empowers learners to be strong, principled global citizens.
We respond to change, we use technology to make learning more personal and we innovate when it is needed.
We create and deliver our own educational concepts, products and services.
Our ongoing success is rooted in partnership.
We partner with the best and highest quality educational institutions from around the world.
We work with them to localise the delivery of their standards; pairing our business and educational knowledge of the region with the gravitas and equity that their brands command.
An active leadership team works hand in hand with each of our institutions to ensure knowledge is shared, standards are consistently improved and expectations are exceeded.
We work with only the best educational minds and teachers from throughout the world we empower them to become the best teachers they can be.
From governments to partner institutions to parents groups, we work with people to create opportunity and solve issues.
We’re passionate about education, and we care deeply about people and their futures.
The world will change, but core human values and principles will not, therefore we balance knowledge with wisdom.
Every child, learner and person is unique; we say no to formulaic education, and yes to personal education.
It’s about empowering people, acceptance of self and fulfilling individual potential.
We acknowledge our place within the world and its significance; we ground ourselves in regional sensibilities and prepare people for life as strong, principled global citizens.