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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In 2006, we partnered with UK’s Repton, a prestigious Derbyshire – based independent school building on a legacy of educational excellence that spans more than 450 years. This collaboration paved the way for the launch of Repton School in Dubai in the academic year of 2007-2008, followed by two more schools in the UAE in 2013.
The alliance forged with this renowned educational institution transcends the mere notion of partnership. It is a living system that continuously evolves and creates collaborative learning experiences, further broadening our students ‘ pathways to success.
In this vein, Repton UK offers extra GCSE courses, organises annual Repton academic competitions, provides access to the Old Reptonians invaluable alumni network, enjoys direct representation on the Repton School board of governors and performs annual quality assurance visits to all schools.
Beyond our academic allies, the partnerships we strive to build are inclusive ones. They revolve around engaging parents’ with the aim to foster trust; and working closely with local governments on building the right synergies, thus establishing leading educational models.
It is by joining forces with like-minded leading companies and institutions from across sectors and all around the world that we are able to bring our mission to life and turn today’s youth into the actors of tomorrow’s change.
We are fuelled by a combined drive to inspire learners and teachers alike, fostering collaboration with the following industry experts and authorities.