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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Repton Abu Dhabi Smash Guinness World Records™ Title for Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Astronauts

940 Reptonians gathered in personalised astronaut uniforms to cement the new world record!

Repton Abu Dhabi commemorated the UAE’s third anniversary since its landmark mission to the International Space Station (ISS) by breaking the Guinness World Records™ title for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Astronauts. On Tuesday, 25 October 2022, 940 Reptonians, teachers and staff from Year 2 to Year 7 participated in the record-breaking event held at its Fry Campus. The record was verified by an Official Adjudicator from Guinness World Records™ on-site.

All spacesuits worn were required to meet strict criteria set out by Guinness World Records™. As part of the astronaut uniforms, students spent weeks designing and making their own helmets, and wore their country flags on their arms, highlighting the diverse UAE community represented by Repton Abu Dhabi’s students.

Steven Lupton, Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi said, “Today, we commemorate the UAE’s landmark mission since it embarked on an incredible journey to the International Space Station over three years ago. Our students have been closely following the UAE’s milestone achievements in space with an instinctive curiosity and genuine love of learning about the wonders of the galaxy. We are absolutely ecstatic to honour the occasion with this exciting achievement verified by Guinness World Records™. I would like to thank all the students, teachers and staff who have made this record-breaking event possible.”

Repton Abu Dhabi’s vision of providing ‘The Best for Every Child’ ensures students are exposed to real-life experiences as sources of inspiration and learning. As the very first Apple Distinguished School in the Middle East, Repton Abu Dhabi uses Apple technology to connect students to the world, fuel creativity, deepen collaboration, and make learning personal.

The previous record was achieved by Nerve Centre – Our Place In Space (UK) in Derry, Londonderry in the United Kingdom on 23 April 2022. This is the first Guinness World Records™ title attempted by students of Repton Abu Dhabi.

Visit the official Guinness World Records website, to know more  –

Repton Family of Schools Attain Outstanding 2022 IGCSE Results

  • Repton Abu Dhabi once again achieves academic excellence with 30% of exam entries awarded grade 9-8 (A*) and 54% receiving grades 9-7’s (A*-A)
  • Repton Dubai’s GCSE cohort attains outstanding scores with 29% of exam entries awarded 9-8 grade (A*) and 51% receiving grades 9-7’s (A*-A)
  • Repton Abu Dhabi achieved a 97% overall student pass rate 9-4 (A*-C) and Repton Dubai achieved a 95% overall student pass rate (A*-C)
  • 80% of students from Repton Dubai secured 9-7 grade (A*-A) in Biology

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE announces another year of academic excellence in the 2022 IGCSE examination results. This year, Repton Dubai celebrates exceptional performances for the 13th consecutive year along with its sister school, Repton Abu Dhabi, also showcasing top results from its second IGCSE cohort.

Building on last year’s brilliant inaugural performance, students at Repton Abu Dhabi’s Fry Campus displayed a consecutive exemplary performance with 30% of exam entries awarded the maximum grade 9/8’s (A*) and 54% received the grade 9-7’s (A*-A); while it also received a 97% overall student pass rate 9-4 (A*-C). The results from this year’s IGCSE examinations reflect Repton Abu Dhabi’s resilience, determination, and passion to outstanding academic results.

Repton Dubai continues to showcase praise-worthy performances in the IGCSE examinations with 29% of exam entries awarded the 9-8 grade (A*) and 51% received the grade 9-7’s (A*-A), further pushing the benchmark for future cohorts to follow.

David Cook, Chief Education Officer of Excella and Headmaster at Repton Dubai says, “The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE has a longstanding history of producing outstanding results and we are proud of our students’ performances in this year’s GCSE examinations. These results are doubly impressive given that this cohort entered ‘lockdown’ in April 2020 due to the pandemic, when they were in still in Year 9, and then many of the same students spent their Year 10, remote learning from home. The phenomenal grades secured by Reptonians are a true reflection of the commitment and dedication to achieve academic excellence by both teachers and students. With these impressive grades, we are confident that our students will succeed in the next phase of their academic life and careers.”

To recognise students’ outstanding achievements, Repton Abu Dhabi has also offered its Year 11 top-performers academic scholarships at the Sixth Form for the next academic year. Deema Al Qemzi, who attained 9 grade 9-7 (A*-A) and Sofia Polyzou, who received 8 grade 9-7(A*-A), were awarded academic scholarships for their remarkable performances.

Stephen Davis, Headteacher of Repton Abu Dhabi Senior School says, “I am delighted by the results our students have achieved this year, marking a successful second consecutive year of outstanding academic achievement. I would like to congratulate all the students and teachers, and to thank our parents for their wonderful support, encouragement and motivation, which has played a pivotal part in our students’ amazing accomplishments.”

The ‘Repton Headstart’ programme, offered every year to the Year 11 cohort at the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, provides further support to students following their GCSE final examinations. The two-week long programme is designed to prepare students for their academic road ahead, bridging the gap between IGCSE, IB or A Levels and university life.  It offers a range of courses, including ‘Finance for Teens’, ‘First Aid’, ‘EPQ Preparation’, ‘Study and Metacognition Skills’, ‘University and Career Guidance’ and introductory A-Level or IB sessions.

The Repton Family of Schools recently also launched the region’s first K12 block-chain secured multimedia digital portfolio – Repton Passport. Students and alumni from Repton Dubai, Repton Al Barsha and Repton Abu Dhabi – will be able to safely receive, manage and share their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments via unique links, multiple platforms and social media. Reptonians can store and manage their credentials, and easily share records for university, job applications and other opportunities.

Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE will be the first in the region to offer the blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio, Repton Passport’, to all student’s past, present and future, covering Reptonians from FS1 to Year 13.

Please find the Reptonian academic achievements below:

Repton School Abu Dhabi IGCSE 2022 Results:

  • Deema Al Qemzi achieved 6 grade 9 and 8’s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, Maths and French.
  • Sofia Polyzou achieved 6 grade 9 and 8’s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Maths and French.
  • Osama El Mahdy achieved 5 grade 9 and 8’s in Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Maths and French.
  • Mutasim Abdelwahab achieved 5 grade 9 and 8’s in Combined Science, History, Geography, Maths and Arabic.

Repton School Dubai GCSE 2022 Results:

  • Mariam Alogaily attained 9 grade 9’s. This outstanding performance ensures she will continue her studies on the IBDP course at Repton Dubai.
  • Siddhant Mehrotra attained 8 grade 9’s and will also be returning to Repton to complete his 6th form studies.
  • Jamila Mohamudbucus attained 8 grade 9’s and was delighted with her results as they allow her to continue her studies at Repton Dubai.

To learn more about Repton Pathways, please visit:

Repton Dubai Launches First Nikon Creative Hub In The UAE

  • Repton Dubai is the first UAE school to launch a Nikon creative hub, offering exclusive training and Nikon products to its students
  • It also opened the state-of-the-art Innovation Lab equipped with the latest technologies, including Apple iMacs and Adobe suites
  • Suaad Al Suwaidi, the first female Emirati Wildlife Photographer, also attended the opening of the Creative Hub

Repton School Dubai in collaboration with Nikon, the world leader in digital imaging cameras, precision optics and photo imaging technology, today launched the region’s first Nikon creative hub within a school, dedicated to driving content creation and creative exploration for its students. Aiming to further refine students’ creative skills, the unique centre will explore the applications of photography, videography and more.

The Nikon-dedicated space within the Nad Al Sheba campus includes a podcast area, an unboxing station, an isometric Drawing station and a green screen. The state-of-the-art space is equipped with lights, backdrops and Nikon cameras to provide a unique space, where students can explore and refine their creative skills. With a capacity of 15 students at a time, the Nikon creative centre was inaugurated by the senior leadership team at Nikon, including Narendra Menon, Managing Director of Nikon Middle East, John Young, General Manager for Marketing at Nikon Asia and Jessica Fong, Manager at Nikon Singapore. Suaad Al Suwaidi, the first female Emirati Wildlife Photographer, was also in attendance for the grand opening.

The creative space also consists of a state-of-the-art Innovation Lab, empowering students with the latest technologies, including cutting edge Apple iMacs equipped with industry-standard Adobe suites for editing videos, incorporating visual effects, designing animations and editing photos.

Repton pupils will also have access to the Innovation Lab as part of their daily curriculum for coding and STEM projects. The high-technology-enabled studio space is currently open for Reptonians from Year 7 to Year 13 with workshops running for younger students – Year 5 and Year 6. The dedicated Nikon creative centre will also host masterclasses and creative workshops for the wider Repton community in the UAE.

David Cook, Chief Education Officer of Excella and Headmaster at Repton Dubai says, “We are thrilled to bring the Nikon team of experts and their state-of-the-art technology to our students at Repton Dubai. We are immensely proud of the calibre of talented students at Repton, and the creative hub will further empower them to explore their creative skills in unique and exciting ways. We are preparing our students for an ever-changing world where the ability to innovate, adapt to new technology and think creatively will be paramount. The Innovation Lab will play a key role in this.”

Narendra Menon, Managing Director of Nikon Middle East commented, “It is an honour for Nikon to open the first exclusive Nikon Creator Zone with Repton. The students of Repton are incredibly talented and we are ecstatic to be a part of their content creation journey. At Nikon, we believe in fostering talents and nurturing them with the necessary resources to achieve their goal. We hope the students at Repton will be empowered with the creative hub.”

Reptonians have previously participated in the Nikon Photography ECA based on the theme ‘Motion Blur’. In this training, students achieved unique light trails through slow shutter speeds, while another used light to paint a trail in the background.

As part of its ongoing relationship with Nikon, Repton Dubai will offer students a range of exciting learning activities by Nikon. These include hosting educational sessions led by Nikon. The Nad Al Sheba campus will also host an inter-house photography competition with the judging panel consisting of experts from Nikon. Furthermore, the Outstanding rated school will also host an educational Nikon Kidz Club Workshop, open to all children in the wider Dubai community. With the aim to enhance creative skills across education eco-system, Repton Dubai is set to host curated masterclasses and workshops for parents and students at the Nikon creative centre for the wider Dubai community in the coming months.

Excella Launches to Craft Outstanding Education In the Region

  • Formerly EKI, Excella continuously augments Outstanding Academic Pathways for its students across the UAE 
  • Operates three ‘Outstanding’ rated schools and one ‘Very Good’ rated school with outstanding features in the region 
  • Crafting outstanding education for 5,000 students from over 80 nationalities across four schools and nurseries in the region
  • Progressively innovating and enhancing student learning outcomes, Excella retains an illustrious record of ‘Outstanding’ attainments across operating schools in the region

UAE, 27th July 2022: Evolvence Knowledge Investments (EKI), the leading education operator of high-performing K-12 schools and nurseries in the GCC, announces the revamp of the operator’s brand identity as Excella.


Crafting outstanding education for 5,000 students from over 80 nationalities across four UAE-based schools and nurseries, Excella was founded in 2006, with a mission to be the best educational operator and partner of choice in the region. As a leader in the UAE education sector, Excella offers a progressive educational approach to creating dynamic and inclusive teaching environments; nurturing students’ learning outcomes based on the disciplines of adaptability, innovation, and harnessing of the academic, digital and human potential for current and future generations.


The holistic approach is made possible by focusing on the whole student, creatively combining students’ personal growth, mental wellbeing and academic pathways. Catered towards the development of each child, the outstanding education operator empowers students through innovative and dynamic learning environments; designed to drive students’ self-development journeys and foster a healthy appetite for curiosity and discovery.


Dr. Mahdi Mattar, CEO of Excella, speaking on the Group’s rebrand says, “Since our establishment in the region, we have delivered quality education that develops each child and caters to their individual needs. We are proud of our successes to date – operating the three Repton schools in the UAE, our continuous stand-out ratings by ADEK and KHDA, and our Apple Distinguished School accreditations. This has all been made possible due to the dedicated staff and teaching faculty we have across all our schools and nurseries. Celebrating 15 years in the UAE, we wanted to perfectly encapsulate our ethos, which has led to several student achievements and successes over the past two decades; hence, decided to rebrand as Excella to take our forward-thinking educational approach to even greater heights.”


The leading K12 education operator manages three ‘Outstanding’ rated schools and one ‘Very Good’ rated school with outstanding features. Excella retains dedicated and highly talented experts that work hand-in-hand with the passionate teaching faculty across operating institutions. It offers the British National Curriculum spanning from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Year 9, with a broad range of International GCSE courses, accredited by the Cambridge and London University Exam Board; as well as, the A-Levels and International Baccalaureate programmes for Year 12 and Year 13. Since launching in the UAE, Excella has gained rapid popularity with the local community, receiving outstanding education at the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE resulting in the top university placements around the world.


In 2006, Excella partnered with Repton UK to bring the 450-year Reptonian legacy of educational excellence to the region, as the first UAE school to be established in partnership with a prestigious overseas school – Repton School Dubai in 2007. As a result, Repton Dubai was the first boarding school to open its doors to students in the region. Following the successful launch of the Nad Al Sheba campus, Excella announced the opening of Repton Abu Dhabi and Repton Al Barsha. In 2016, the K-12 operator’s passion and dedication to further augment dynamic learning environments by innovating digitally fluent teaching and learning outcomes; attained Repton Abu Dhabi the region’s first Apple Distinguished School (ADS) accreditation, followed by Repton Al Barsha in 2018.


In 2022, Excella celebrated 15 years of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE with a bespoke heritage exhibition, showcasing the enriched Repton values, and prestigious historical culture with special artefacts and memorabilia that highlighted the foundations of Repton dating back to its inception in 1557, in the United Kingdom. Famed author and former Reptonian Roald Dahl also graced the interactive exhibition as he made a one-of-a-kind appearance to take visitors through a captivating journey, using the latest technologies of Augmented Reality (AR).


As a first of many, Excella recently also launched a blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio for students – Repton Passport. The innovative portfolio archives every student’s school journey with a centralised collection of academic records including transcripts, certifications, class pictures, awards, and extra-curricular achievements. Aligning with UAE’s 50-Year charter to build a central education file for every citizen, Excella launched the seamless platform to create a digital memory of student journeys, attaining a key milestone in the process, as the first K-12 education operator to do so in the region.


Furthermore, the leading operator facilitated the launch of and manages Dovecote Nursery in Repton Al Barsha, the high-quality British nursery that offers the EYFS curriculum to children up to three years old. The leading education operator plans to open and manage nurseries in Repton Dubai and Repton Abu Dhabi from the 2022 – 2023 academic year.


Excella, through its impressive educational portfolio, has consistently enjoyed academic successes at university level, sending students to world-renowned universities, including the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, University of Oxford, University of St. Andrews, Imperial College London, University College London, and Columbia University to name a few.


“It has been a humbling experience, working with a highly talented team who proactively support us in offering students the best academic pathways the region has to offer. Excella is an innovator in the field of education, enabling us to offer the latest technologies as part of a curriculum that supports the development of the future leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to take this step forward and continue the Repton Family of Schools’ strong legacy in the region,” concludes David Cook, Headmaster of Repton School Dubai and Chief Education Officer at Excella.

Repton Family of Schools launches first-of-its-kind blockchain portfolio capturing students’ academic journey

  • The ‘Repton Passport’ will house students’ official academic and extra-curricular journey from FS1 to Year 13, in a shareable, digital format powered by blockchain technology developed by EduChain Inc.
  • This year, in partnership with Niftify™, our Y6, IB2 and IGCSE Reptonians will receive personalised and animated NFTs with their Repton Passport designed by artist, Dina Fawakhiri.

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE has partnered with EduChain Inc., the Canadian based EdTech innovators, to create the region’s first K-12 blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio, Repton Passport. Students and alumni from the three Repton schools in the UAE – Repton Dubai, Repton Al Barsha and Repton Abu Dhabi – will be able to safely receive, manage and share their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments via unique links, multiple platforms and social media.

Aligning with the UAE’s 50-Year charter to build a central education file for every citizen, the Repton Passport aims to archive every Reptonian’s school journey with a centralised collection of academic records, including transcripts, certifications, class pictures, awards and extra-curricular portfolios. In addition to the academic documents, Repton Passport creates a digital memory of student journeys and life lessons learnt. Students and alumni will be able to look back at their learning journey with pictures of proud moments, memorable experiences, meaningful friendships and personal videos from their teachers who nurtured and inspired them over the years.

The 2022 graduating IB2, IGCSE, and Year 6 cohorts from the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, will receive their personalised Repton Passports at the end of the academic year, with their learning journeys at Repton carefully catalogued.

David Cook, Chief Education Officer for the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE and Headmaster of Repton School Dubai comments, “We are excited to gift Reptonians a permanent digital record of their unique life story while with Repton Family of Schools, providing them with the opportunity to revisit their very own digital time-capsule as young adults at Repton. The Repton Passport is a collection of meaningful journeys, encounters and experiences that shaped Reptonians’ characters and will provide them the tools to access their future success.  As we celebrate our 15th year anniversary at Repton Dubai, we are proud to have several graduating students who have stayed with us since they joined at 3 years old.  In an increasingly digital world, we hope this new platform will support Reptonians in actively pursuing potential future opportunities, while at the same time maintaining the safety and security of their credentials. We are very pleased to work with EduChain Inc. to provide our students with a seamless digital solution that they can use Post-16 when applying to universities and prospective career opportunities.”

As publishers of the system, the Repton schools securely design, issue and manage official digital records for their students, including diplomas, letters, certificates, transcripts and other documents. Students can access their own Repton Passports, where they receive, store and manage their credentials, and easily share records for university, job applications and other opportunities. EduChain Inc. applications operate on top of an institutional blockchain network to ensure the security and verifiability of all issued records.

EduChain Inc. is the trusted blockchain provider for top universities in the country such as Zayed University, Khalifa University and University of Sharjah, and has received various awards and recognition from Mubadala, CNN, Dubai Future Foundation and more.

Gary Liang, Director of Educhain Inc. says: “We are proud to work with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE to offer students a secure one-stop solution for their academic certifications. Our blockchain network is built on Hyperledger Fabric as a tamper-proof verification layer to independently store and verify the origin and legitimacy of data and records. With the Repton Passport, students can look back on their academic journey at Repton and trust that their documents will be safely secured.”

To commemorate the launch of the Repton Passport, Dina Fawakhiri, the Dubai and Amman based artist joined the milestone project to conceptualise a unique digital art piece that will be gifted to each student when receiving their digital passports. Dina specializes in Arabic children’s books and contemporary Arabic calligraphy, with art being sold at Crate&Barrel and at Bloomingdale’s Middle East as part of her collaboration with Silsal. She has previously collaborated with UNICEF and Swatch, and has created a t-shirt capsule with Sauce Dubai, and participated in Amman Design Week as both Artist and Mentor.

Commenting on the collaboration, Fawakhiri says, “It is a privilege to work with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE to create this special art piece, which represents the students and their journey through school. The digital artwork is inspired by the Repton emblem and the Reptonian values of creating sustainable leaders of the future. Highlighting student journeys through school and beyond graduation, the flag represents the end goal and student achievements, while the sun glowing from behind symbolizes a new day.”

Niftify™, an easy-to-use and compliance-first NFT platform, is partnering with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE to mint the animated Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Students receiving their Repton Passports by Term 3 this year will also receive their unique NFTs.

“At The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, we want our community of students to immerse themselves in Web3.0, spark their creativity by introducing them to the world of NFTs, and to be part of the future today,” David concluded.

Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE will be the first in the world to offer the blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio, Repton Passport, to all student’s past, present, and future, covering Reptonians from FS1 to Year 13 as well as alumni.

Repton School Dubai Celebrates Top Performance In 2021/2022 IB Programme

  • Ibrahim Usmani scored 43 points and will study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford
  • Head Girl, Daphne Fabre attains 43 points in the IB Diploma, and will be attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Repton School Dubai achieves highest average points per student of 36 in the IB Diploma programme with 61% of students scoring above 35 points
  • 100% of IB Careers Programme students successfully completed the course

Repton School Dubai celebrates the academic excellence of its students in this year’s International Baccalaureate (IB) final assessments, attaining an average score of 36 in the IB Diploma programme, and an overall 100% pass ratein both the IBDP and IBCP courses.

Repton students have displayed top results in their final internal assessments, fulfilling the school’s core aims in the rigorous pursuit of academic excellence. This year’s achievements have resulted in admission offers from Russell Group institutions and some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including the University of Oxford, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of Edinburgh, University College London (UCL), and University of Manchester, to name a few.

David Cook, Headmaster at Repton Dubai and Chief Education Officer of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, expressed his delight at the students’ excellent results: “We are proud that our students have passed their IB programme with impressive scores and have done themselves and the school proud this year. At Repton Dubai, academic excellence is part of our DNA and our students have consistently displayed phenomenal performances in their assessments. I would like to thank all our teachers and parents for their passion, hard work and dedication, supporting our students to do their absolute best and end the academic year on the highest possible note.”

Ibrahim Usmani, part of the 2022 graduating IB cohort scored an outstanding 43 points and will pursue his studies at the University of Oxford for the distinguished Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) programme. Head boy, Baraj Kohli, and Head girl, Daphne Fabre have demonstrated exceptional performances, securing placements at the University of Edinburgh and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, respectively.

With aspirations to become a psychologist, Phoebe Stockton received offers from the University of Birmingham, Warwick University, Exeter University and the University of Bath.  Furthermore, Arabella Blake will complete her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, London.

In addition, several Reptonians have also secured placements in prestigious universities across the world, including Durham University, the University of Leeds and the University of Sussex in the UK, University of British Columbia in Canada, as well as Hult International Business School New York, Pratt Institute, and University of Amsterdam, to name a few.

Repton Dubai has offered the IB programme since 2011 and continues to maintain exceptional performances each year. Its forward-thinking Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme enables its teachers to thrive in a student-engaging environment, encouraging an open-minded and nurturing teaching approach that supports students in honing and developing their intellectual skills, overcoming real-world challenges and achieving outstanding results.

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the KHDA since 2014, the Nad Al Sheba campus uses an inclusive teaching methodology, continuously delivering outstanding value add to high-performing students. It also offers additional in-depth support to students faced with academic and personal challenges.

With over 80 student nationalities, of which 70% are non-native English speakers, the innovative curriculum offers the highest standard of academic excellence; focusing on each student’s individual needs to maximise their future career opportunities. With Reptonians attaining spectacular results in their final IB examinations, this passionate and dedicated approach has resulted in success stories within the 2022 IB cohort.

Please see the table below including student highlights and university destinations:

Name University Course
Daphne Fabre  (43) USA- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Business
Ibrahim Usmani (43) UK – University of Oxford PPE, St Hilda’s
Cecilia Barcia(43) UK – University of Edinburgh Biochemistry
Phoebe Stockton (42) UK – University of Bath Psychology
Faridah Ogun (42) UK – University of Warwick Economics, Politics & International Studies
Maximillian Girst (41) UK – University of Edinburgh Law
Maximilian Mousley (41) UK – University of Manchester Politics & International Relations
Anna Onezime (40) France – ENSAP-Belleville Architecture

The 2022 graduating IB2 cohort can view their results on their Repton Passport, the region’s first K-12 blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio launched in June 2022 by the Repton Family of Schools. Their results will be displayed along with their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments during their tenure at the school. With their Repton Passports, where they receive, store and manage their credentials, students can easily share records for university, job applications and other opportunities.

Repton Al Barsha Students Design UAE Mobile Game App

  • Reptonians from Year 4, 5 and 6 explored the intricacies of game designing, database and content management systems, while learning about ‘right and wrong’
  • Repton Al Barsha students develop ‘Detention Disaster’ mobile game to promote ethical decision-making skills

Students from Repton Al Barsha have developed their own dedicated mobile application game, Detention Disaster aimed at understanding the aspects of ‘right and wrong’ and promoting morality amongst the UAE youth. As an Apple Distinguished School (ADS), Repton Al Barsha remains at the forefront of innovative student learning outcomes. In partnership with Bigfatphoenix Interactive, Reptonians from Year 4, 5 and 6 participated in a specially curated weeklong immersive game design and development on-campus workshop, where they were presented with challenging situations in which they needed to make tough choices to keep out of trouble, while developing ethical decision-making skills in the process. Led by the Bigfatphoenix Interactive, the gaming development studio responsible for the Fairside Stories mobile application, the team of highly experienced game designers supported in the development of Reptonians’ technical skills across five workshop sessions. Students explored end-to-end processes of game design, including how databases and content management systems work in tandem to bring various game media components into a playable build Based on Bigfatphoenix Interactive’s proprietary social and emotional learning framework, students were able to map behaviours to character traits and navigate the effects of actions on character and situations through game play. They used various creative design tools, including Miro, GarageBand and more, while working in groups to create their own unique game. As part of the workshop, key focus areas included the importance of planning to successfully execute creative projects, as well as the different roles and functions in a game development studio. Zoe Woolley, Headmistress at Repton Al Barsha, says: “At Repton Al Barsha, our approach to technology and innovation is guided by our vision of ‘Learning by Connecting.’ Over the course of the workshop, our students were able to better understand the processes and skills required to build a game, incorporating art, sound and other design considerations to create their very own game. As an Apple Distinguished School, we constantly seek to develop engaging learning opportunities that excite and encourage students to explore different learning avenues, which support in their development as leaders of the future.” Reptonians were invited to join The Fairside Squad, an exclusive global community of students who regularly interact with the game studio, to learn new skills, playtest and co-create new content on Bigfatphoenix Interactive’s mobile application, Fairside Stories, offering a collection of story-based role-playing games. “Repton Al Barsha’s inclusive use of technology in the classroom promotes students to become digital leaders as they enhance their skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). This incredible workshop perfectly complemented our efforts to equip our students with crucial 21st century skills for an increasingly digital world, and we are thrilled to work with Bigfatphoenix Interactive on this project,” Woolley continued. Miriam Elnaggar, Learning Designer at Bigfatphoenix Interactive says, “The workshops focused on how games are made and the build process, highlighting aspects of right and wrong. Within the game’s design and plans, the children were given the opportunity to discuss and come up with alternative actions, which were linked to specific scenarios, resulting in different scores within the game, which would play a part in the final outcome. This was great, as it helped the students to constantly think about morality and ethics, weighing up doing the right thing versus the more ‘fun’ option that could result in getting into trouble or not being the best choice in the long run.” Reptonians relished the opportunity, as they took their first steps into the realm of game development, creating Detention Disaster. Testimonials from Reptonians on their experience building Detention Disaster included:

  • “I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say we are very excited to see it because we spent a whole week designing everything and doing the mirror board and so I think it will be very exciting to see the game when it comes out.”
  • “I enjoyed day four of the workshop because it had two of my favorite subjects – Art and Music. Basically you have to plan everything before making a game because otherwise you will not have a goal and aim to target when you are making the game.”

The final game created by the students will be featured on the Fairside Stories mobile application with their names credited, available for download in the UAE on the Google Play Store and on iOS. To learn more about Bigfatphoenix Interactive’s creative games, please visit:

Google Playstore – Fairside Stories – Brain Games iOS – Fairside Games

Repton Abu Dhabi announces winners for Annual Digital Summit

Repton Abu Dhabi recently hosted Digital Expo 2022, its Apple Distinguished School (ADS) Annual Digital Summit on March 21st and 22nd 2022. Under the themes Legacy of the UAE, Universe In Motion and World of Opportunities, students across the UAE completed a series of challenges that focused on the discipline of Sustainability.

In the first challenge, participating students were exposed to exciting future technology concepts such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and created their own creative designs to represent the legacy of the UAE supported by school staff.

Challenge two explored the 3D virtual worlds of the metaverse and the impact it will have on the future of education. Students were tasked with creating a virtual exhibition on traditional and innovative transportation.

Students sharpened their podcasting skills in the third challenge, learning about the processes involved from conception to execution. The creative future leaders designed their own podcast pilots surrounding the theme of Happiness.

Guest judges of the remote summit included Tala Badri, Founder & Executive Director at CMA Dubai; Philippa Wraithmell, Author The Digital Ecosystem; and Reema Al Abbas, Senior Manager at In5.

Winners Category List:

  • ‘Legacy of the UAE’
    • British International School Abu Dhabi
    • Repton Abu Dhabi
    • Repton Dubai
  • ‘Universe In Motion’
    • Brighton College
    • British International School Abu Dhabi
    • Repton Dubai
  • ‘World of Opportunities’
    • Repton Dubai
    • Brighton College
    • British International School Abu Dhabi

Repton Abu Dhabi Dissects EdTech at Annual Digital Summit

  • 100 teachers and 70 students across UAE schools participated in the Apple Distinguished School’s annual Digital Summit
  • The 2021 edition of the Digital Summit showcased the purposeful use of EdTech, enhancing teaching skills and raising awareness on environmental issues

Repton Abu Dhabi, part of the prestigious Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, recently hosted its annual Digital Summit, phased in two editions: The teacher summit and the student summit. The virtual event invited UAE teachers and students from Year 5 and Year 6 to creatively collaborate on environmental awareness initiatives and create an open dialogue for strategies to implement the purposeful use of technology within school curricula.

Themed ‘Rethinking Education’, the teacher summit explored the innovations and technologies in the education sector, showcasing seven informative webinars presented by Apple Distinguished teachers from Repton Abu Dhabi as well as Professional Learning Specialists from other UAE schools.

Gillian Hammond, Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi says, “As educators, we must continuously create relevant and innovative teaching methodologies to create exciting learning experiences for our students, and technology enables us to enhance these experiences. At Repton Abu Dhabi, technology is a crucial part of our core curriculum and we are delighted to share our research and best practice solutions with the wider UAE school community.”

The first webinar, Creativity Through Technology, focused on developing EYFS learners’ creative thought processes by exploring the applications of tools such as camera devices, markup tools, Sketches School, and QuiverVision, designed to implement the use of augmented reality (AR) in the classroom to sharpen students’ critical thinking through drawing, videography, photography, and music.

The Using Greenscreen in Nursery session showcased the introduction of applications such as iMovie features to enhance EYFS students’ retention levels by creatively incorporating visual cues, and using the greenscreen and layering features to spark interest in young minds. The session also highlighted tips and tricks for teachers to create easy DIY green screens during remote learning sessions.

Digitalisation: The Impact on the Literacy Learning Journey emphasized the need for key drivers such as student engagement and formative assessments for positive learning outcomes, and how technology allows teachers to adopt a ‘flipped classroom’ approach. This methodology strengthens pupil’s understanding and cognitive thinking through peer interaction, facilitated by class teachers. Teachers can use interactive internet-based educational applications, including Showbie and Nearpod, to effectively customise their teaching to each pupil’s individual needs, thereby offering an enhanced and personalised curriculum that is ideal for EAL, SEN learners.

Teachers from the participating UAE schools gained valuable insights from the Structuring Digital CPD session, which discussed the internal and external barriers preventing the successful integration of EdTech. The intuitive webinar also showcased the findings of Repton Abu Dhabi’s teacher-case study, providing efficient digital CPD strategies that schools and teachers can easily implement within the curriculum. These include adoption of practical and department-specific training, low-stakes peer observations for teachers, creating a network of digital leaders or distributed leadership teams to support teaching staff in understanding new EdTech tools, and embedding useful collaboration in departmental meetings to discuss the performance of implemented technology and innovations in EdTech.

Creative use of Music Technology in Teaching showcased musicas an effective teaching tool and its various cross-curricula benefits. Students can use online applications such as iMovie, Clips, and Garage Band, which provide a better understanding of STEAM subjects.

In the Creating Digital Resources session, teachers were given a detailed tutorial to easily create their online resources, such as online textbooks using the Pages application on Apple iPads, enabling them to customise their teaching.

Lastly, the Making a Difference with Technology webinar highlighted simple yet ingenious techniques teachers can implement in their coursework to enhance students’ learning experiences by designing targeted classroom interventions. The integrated approach addresses classroom challenges either in subject areas or student behaviours, using EdTech applications and classroom-specific management strategies such as conducting mini-quizzes and designing observation checklists on iPads to record certain student behaviours and skills

In addition to the teacher summit, a dedicated pupil summit was held to challenge young minds to use the coding applications to design and present concept computer games based on one of the following topics: Ocean PollutionLitter on our beaches, and Air Pollution. The interactive session encapsulated students’ creative and collaborative skills to produce fun and exciting concept games and 3-minute video presentations, outlining how their game raised awareness for their chosen environmental issue. All students received a certificate of participation for their creative collaboration with the top three entries winning vouchers and the top prize of a games design workshop hosted by our head judge Ali Hassan, Lead Game Developer and Chief Technology Officer at Hybrid Human Games Studio.

“This year our Digital Summit used an innovative platform to successfully engage with EdTech best practices and the positive impact it has on young minds. At Repton Abu Dhabi, we strive to invoke innovative forward-thinking amongst our teachers and students, and aim to continue sharing our insights and findings with the UAE education community to further drive the use of EdTech with the classroom,” concludes Alexander Kelly, an Apple Distinguished teacher and Digital Lead at Repton Abu Dhabi’s Fry campus.

Education professionals and teachers seeking further insights on Repton Abu Dhabi’s Digital Summit can visit:

Repton Family of Schools Celebrates 15 years in the UAE with Exclusive Repton Heritage Exhibition

*Please find the link to Repton Heritage Exhibition:

  • Paying homage to 15 years of educational excellence, and first prestigious UK school to establish a ‘sister school’ in the dynamic UAE Education landscape
  • Offering Arabic language to UK Reptonians stems from the strong partnership with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE and its prestigious sister school
  • Repton’s Heritage Exhibition is showcasing first edition books from world-renowned author and Old Reptonian, Roald Dahl

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE is celebrating Repton School Dubai’s 15th anniversary with the launch of an exclusive Repton Heritage Exhibition at the Nad Al Sheba campus. Launched today on 9 February 2022, the exhibition will travel across campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the coming months, showcasing the enriched heritage and foundations of Repton dating back to its inception in 1557 in the United Kingdom.

The bespoke heritage exhibition displays a dedicated wall to world-renowned children’s author and Old Reptonian, Roald Dahl. This will include a first edition copy of the ‘Magic Finger’, a signed first edition of ‘The Twitts’, and an uncorrected proof copy of ‘Going Solo’. In addition, through the use of the latest technology of Augmented Reality, the famed author himself will make an enticing one-of-a-kind appearance, taking visitors on a captivating journey as he reads an excerpt from ‘The Twitts’.

The interactive experience will also showcase special artefacts and memorabilia such as the original framed rubbing taken from the school’s founder, Sir John Port and an original Graffiti Sanitorium Board featuring carvings made by students to pass the time in the sick bay, dating back to the 1890’s. Reptonians and history enthusiasts will have the opportunity to reminisce and learn about the enriched Repton historical culture; from hand drawn family- tree charts linking Sir John Port with HRH Queen Elizabeth II, to priceless Repton ledgers and the original Priory Seal explaining the inception of Repton UK.

David Cook, Headmaster of Repton Dubai and Chief Education Officer for the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE says: “It has been an honour to provide the UAE community with academic excellence at Repton Dubai. Repton UK was the very first institution in the country to establish a sister school within the dynamic UAE education landscape. The Repton community has grown immensely with talented students and teachers gracing the Repton Family of Schools over the past 15 years. It has been a tremendous journey for the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE so far; we will strive to achieve new heights and look forward to growing our community even further. To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to commemorate the occasion with a captivating exhibition that showcases the Repton values, heritage and traditions. I would like to share my heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers, students, parents and staff in helping us build a strong and lasting community in the region.”

Mark Semmence, Headmaster of Repton UK says, “I would like to congratulate the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE on achieving this important milestone and continuously striving to enhance student learning outcomes. As a sister school, Repton UK is proud of our counterparts, as we collectively endeavour to create and develop innovative learning opportunities for Reptonians globally, building a stronger and deep-rooted understanding of the cultures of the world.”

Repton School Dubai, as part of its vision to explore, understand and embrace different cultures across the world through academic excellence, will begin developing plans to offer Arabic as an online language subject to Repton UK students from the 2022-2023 academic year. Repton students in the UK and the Middle East will benefit from a fluid exchange of values, cultures and knowledge. Repton UK offers Latin as an online language course to all Reptonians in the UAE from Year 10 onwards, aligning with the collective vision to embrace and appreciate the cultural values of the world.

Khaled AlMheiri, Chairman of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE and Founder & CEO of Evolvence Group says, “In 2005 we had a vision to bring the esteemed Repton community to the UAE. Today we are proud to be an outstanding-rated school and celebrate 15 years of providing exceptional education to 83 nationalities.”