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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Repton Al Barsha Attains ‘Outstanding’ British Schools Overseas (BSO) Rating

Repton Al Barsha is proud to announce the attainment of the ‘Outstanding’ Rating by British Schools Overseas (BSO) for the 2023 – 2024 academic year. Repton Al Barsha achieved the ‘Outstanding’ recognition across all areas including Quality of Education; Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development in the school, Welfare, Health and Safety of students, Sustainability of Staff, Professionalism with communication and feedback, Campus and facilities; Provision of information and Quality of leadership.


In its inaugural inspection, Repton Al Barsha is recognized for providing students with an excellent and nurturing educational framework. Appreciated by staff, students and parents within the Repton community, Repton Al Barsha was noted for creating a collaborative and supportive environment, encapsulating efficient and personalized student learning outcomes, and a sense of belonging. This positive environment is reflected through student displays of ‘outstanding’ behaviour, and continuous skill progression and personal development.


The commitment, passion and dedication shown by Repton Al Barsha’s teachers were also acknowledged as the questioning techniques employed effectively stimulated critical thinking and learning among students. Furthermore, the school was also recognised for the extensive support provided to students and the impressive delivery towards inclusive academic needs from teachers and learning assistants.


The Apple Distinguished School’s innovative curriculum combines the purposeful use of technology with all subjects, enhancing students’ knowledge and skill acquisition. The school has implemented technology into the classroom from as early as Foundation Stage 2, to improve phonics as well as increase student creativity and engagement.

For further information, please visit:

Repton Family of Schools Enriches Student Learning Outcomes at Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi transforms to host over 2,200 members of the Repton community for a curated day of learning in a captivating educational environment

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, part of Excella, the leading operator of high-performing K-12 schools, hosted a full curriculum day at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Reptonians from Year 2 – Year 13 engaged in an exciting day of innovative classes and creative activities, immersing themselves in a unique educational experience.


As part of the Louvre Abu Dhabi ‘Take Over the Museum’ series, over 2,200 members from the Repton community from Repton Dubai, Repton Abu Dhabi and Repton Al Barsha attended syllabus classes, drawing inspiration from the renowned museum’s enriching art collection and exhibits. The curated syllabus complemented the museum’s exhibits, featuring a spectrum of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Music and Art, intertwining the academic curriculum with the rich tapestry of artistic expression.


Louvre Abu Dhabi’s ‘Take Over the Museum’ series invites schools to engage with the museum inside and out, on a day dedicated especially for them. Students interact in creative encounters with artworks and participate in specifically designed making and thinking activities inside the galleries. The program celebrates teachers’ creativity and gives them agency to design activities connected to the museum collection, international exhibition, Children’s Museum, and architecture.


With real-world learning embedded into the innovative curriculum, Reptonians from Year 5 visited the ‘Greek and Roman Empires’ exhibit to explore the influential history of the majestic empires. The young student warriors examined the armour of a Japanese Samurai in the ‘Art of War’ exhibit, while in the ‘Polynesian Mask’ section, students investigated exceptionally crafted artworks.


Repton Family of Schools’ Arabic and Islamic Departments welcomed students to explore the ‘Letters of Light’ exhibition and organised a thrilling scavenger hunt for Reptonians to photograph and analyse their findings. In the Art sessions, students from Year 6 – Year 8 created digital replicas of stained-glass windows while Year 9 – Year 10 crafted unique Death Masks using the digital platform, Sketches School.


In the Literature classrooms, students explored the fine tunes of ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ and ‘Ozymandias’ poems to produce and record dramatic performances inspired by the exhibit ‘Armour for a rider and horse bard’ and the statue of Ramses II, respectively. The music classes transcended students to the rhythms of the Baroque era and held an expressive and energetic Rapping workshop.


Sharing her enthusiasm for the day, Gillian Hammond, Chief Education Officer of Excella and Principal of Repton School Dubai said, “We are excited to offer Reptonians the opportunity to attend classes and workshops within the inspiring walls of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The seamless integration of exhibits into our curriculum made for a rewarding day of learning. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Repton faculty and the dedicated team at Louvre Abu Dhabi for making this day a resounding success.”


Maral Bedoyan, Education and Learning Resources Manager at Louvre Abu Dhabi said, “I am thrilled to open the museum to the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE. This exciting collaboration reflects our commitment to fostering a love for art and culture within the local community. Together, we have created a memorable experience that transcends traditional boundaries of the classroom, bringing the wonders of our museum directly to the heart of education”.


This unique day underscores the Repton Family of Schools’ commitment to nurturing creativity, cultural appreciation, and interdisciplinary learning within its community.


Cognita Schools in Dubai highlight the vital role of Digital Wellbeing by taking part in the group’s fifth annual Global Be Well Day

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday 3rd October 2023: Pupils of all ages enrolled at the four Dubai-based Cognita schools, the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai, Ranches Primary School, Horizon International School, Horizon English School, and the three schools within the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, joined 85,000 young people across 16 countries last week to take part in Cognita’s fifth annual Global Be Well Day (GBWD).


Global Be Well Day is focused on Cognita’s Be Well Charter, the foundation upon which every wellbeing action rests.  It has been designed to embed a culture of genuine wellbeing, educating the school group’s community of 100+ worldwide schools about the importance of looking after their mental and physical wellbeing and the six contributors to wellbeing that include: Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Connecting, Doing and Giving. For the duration of one school day every year, Cognita schools around the world focus on one or more of the main contributors to wellbeing, a fundamental aspect of a Cognita holistic education. GBWD activities this year focused on educating the pupil, staff and parent communities about ‘Digital Wellbeing.’


Dr Simon Camby, Group Chief Education Officer for Cognita, said: “All our schools focus on wellbeing throughout the year, but by joining together with the global Cognita school network across 16 different countries around the world on this day in September, we celebrate our collective commitment to wellbeing. In today’s world, creating healthy digital habits holds immense importance, which is why this year’s theme of resources, “Digital Wellbeing” is more pertinent than ever, equipping our students with the tools they need for optimal mental and physical health. This event serves as an annual reminder of the fundamental connection between wellbeing and education.”



Aiza, Year 6 Pupil at RGS Guildford Dubai said: “Global Be Well Day is one of my favourite days of the year, and this year I got to meet Chris McHardy to speak about how both podcasts and talking can support our wellbeing.’’


The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai went above and beyond to celebrate Global Be Well Day by organising a series of engaging activities and digital connections. One highlight was a remarkable collaboration with its sister school in the UK, where pupils participated in a ‘virtual choir’, fostering a sense of global unity. Dubai Eye 103.8 radio presenter, Chris McHardy, hosted a captivating session for Year 6 and 7 pupils on podcasts and public speaking, whilst Year 5 pupils digitally connected with their counterparts at Brighton College Singapore for a ‘digital penpals’ programme. Year 3 pupils, following a series of enlightening school trips to the Apple store, put their newfound skills to use by creating iMovies to share with friends and family abroad, whilst, Year 1 pupils had a delightful visit from the ‘jolly postman,’ who assisted them in creating digital postcards for their peers at RGS Prep in the UK, fostering international friendships and global understanding.


Horizon English School organised a diverse range of activities centered around promoting healthy sleep habits in the digital age. To underscore the importance of quality sleep, both staff and pupils donned pyjamas, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning. The day began with a custom-made “Wake Up Shake Up” activity from the PE department, emphasising the significance of a good night’s sleep. Throughout the day, pupils engaged in a Moral, Social & Cultural lesson focused on sleep in the digital world and enjoyed a digital fact or fiction game show. The creative side was also explored through an art session with the #lookup theme, during which pupils crafted Mandalas and Dream catchers – and to further enhance wellbeing, musical lullabies and sleepy yoga sessions were integrated into the schedule. Staff members benefited from guided meditation sessions, and the day emphasised the importance of disconnecting from technology, with designated no-phone zones and no emails throughout the day.


Ranches Primary School prioritised digital and overall wellness for pupils with an array of activities. Pupils took part in a discussion on digital wellbeing, covering screen time balance and online kindness – and enjoyed a designated screen-free zone for non-digital activities like puzzles, board games, and imaginative play to foster creativity and social interaction. Pupils made digital wellbeing pledges, committing to responsible device usage, including no screens during mealtime. Other activities included a mindfulness circle with deep breathing and positive sharing followed by yoga and stretching for physical health. Pupils were also encouraged to take part in a nature activity by being encouraged to participate in outdoor walks, fostering a connection to nature and discussions on its impact. The day ended with guided relaxation or mindfulness to unwind, using calming music or stories.


At Horizon International School 1,385 pupils and 195 staff took part in a whole school wake and shake to start the day! The school focused on the science of sleep, living a healthy lifestyle and digital wellbeing with a range of activities for pupils, teachers and the parent community. Music was played throughout the schools and pupils were encouraged to ‘drop everything and be mindful’ and come off their digital devices for the day.


Repton Family of Schools in the UAE celebrated Global Be Well Day with a diverse range of enriching activities that engaged students and parents across campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The day commenced with a virtual one-minute meditation workshop hosted by Mindworks Meditation, featuring delightful breathing games like Sleeping Lions. In Repton Abu Dhabi, Senior School students led a spirited debate on digital wellbeing, addressing the appropriate daily screen time limits, while Junior School students enjoyed fun educational games, such as ‘sensory rest swaps’ and an exciting device posture workshop. Meanwhile, at Repton Dubai, the day began with student-composed musical performances, eloquently conveying the benefits of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The students then participated in collaborative group activities centred on digital and mental wellbeing, fostering a sense of unity. Outdoors, the students revelled in a day filled with in-house physical activities under the sun, punctuated by delicious, health-conscious treats during class breaks.


Repton Al Barsha treated parents to a valuable workshop on the ‘Importance of Sleep,’ presented by Dr Edward Cody from Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. This was followed by an insightful workshop led by Repton teachers, sharing practical tips to promote digital wellbeing at home. Concluding the day, both parents and students enjoyed a rejuvenating mindful yoga session led by the expert yogi, Rakhi Jutla. These activities collectively underscored the commitment of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE to the holistic wellbeing of students, and the nurturing of a vibrant and caring community.

Repton Family of Schools Launches Dedicated Alserkal Art Exhibition to Celebrate Student Creativity

  • The inaugural exhibition will feature 59 artworks by the 2022/2023 Visual Arts and Design Technology students from the three Repton Schools in the UAE
  • The exhibition at Warehouse 46 in Alserkal Avenue will be open to the public from 29 September – 1 October 2023
  • Children over the age of nine visiting the exhibition are invited to don their detective hats and uncover hidden answers from the paintings

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, part of Excella, a leading operator of high-performing K-12 schools, is set to launch its first-ever student art, design and technology show, at Warehouse 46 in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. The exhibition opens with an exclusive launch on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 and will be open for public viewing from 29 September – 1 October 2023.


The exhibition will feature artworks designed and created by 59 Visual Arts and Design Technology students across Year 9 – Year 13, showcasing their creativity, imagination and technical expertise. Every piece of artwork has been meticulously crafted by the students, challenging them to explore themes and ideas that are personal and of interest to them.


The gallery is divided into two curated spaces: all visual artworks will be showcased on the ground floor, while design pieces including unique contemporary furniture and home decor will be presented by the Design and Technology department upstairs. As part of their submission, students utilised a broad range of mediums such as watercolour, oil paint, acrylic and ink, as well as materials such as wood, textiles, metals, recycled plastics and composite materials, to produce the final creations.


During the exhibition launch ceremony, participating students will be awarded across multiple categories in Design & Technology: Outstanding Achievement Award; Innovation Award; and Designer of the Year. For the Visual Art collection, students will be recognised with three awards, including the Outstanding Achievement Award; Inspiration Award; and Artist of the Year.


Expressing her enthusiasm for the art exhibition, Gillian Hammond, Chief Education Officer of Excella and Principal of Repton School Dubai said, “At Repton, we always encourage creativity and self-expression among our students to motivate the next generation of innovators. Each piece tells us a story and offers a glimpse into the various perspectives and talents of our student body. We are proud of our students and invite everyone to join us in celebrating their artistry and craftsmanship as a powerful storytelling tool.”


Guests are invited to explore the bold and imaginative works of these young artists from 29 September to 1 October 2023. Children over the age of nine visiting the exhibition can also become art detectives for the day. These young sleuths can explore the exhibition and uncover answers from the students’ paintings, while showcasing their own artistic talents.


Taking place at Warehouse 46 in Alserkal Avenue from 12 pm to 6 pm on 29 September 2023, and between 11 am to 7 pm from 30 September to 1 October 2023, the art exhibition hosted by the Repton Family of Schools promises to delight art enthusiasts and visitors of all ages.


Fact Box
What: Repton Art, Design and Technology Exhibition
When: 29 September 2023: 12pm to 6pm
30 September to 1 October 2023: 11am to 7pm
Where: Warehouse 46 in Alserkal Avenue
About: Guests are invited to explore the creative and artistic works of Reptonians from 29 September to 1 October 2023. Children aged nine years and above can enjoy the exhibition as art detectives for the day. The young ones are encouraged to showcase their artistic flair while they explore the exhibition and uncover answers in the paintings.

Repton Family of Schools in the UAE Partners with Philcoin to Pioneer Student Rewards that Nurture Philanthropy


  • Each Reptonian house point earned throughout the academic year will be matched by one Philcoin token and can be donated to registered Philcoin charities
  • The winning house at the end of the year will receive two tokens for every one house point earned
  • Students are assigned houses from FS1 and start earning points from Year 1 onwards, based on success in academic achievements, excellent behaviour, special recognition from the principal and more
  • The winning Reptonian house will also receive a prize valued at AED 10,000, which will be donated by Philcoin to a philanthropic cause

 The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, part of Excella, a leading operator of high-performing K-12 schools, has partnered with Philcoin, a human-focused blockchain platform, to convert student house points into cryptocurrency tokens.


Launched at the start of the 2023 – 2024 academic year, the innovative partnership will see Philcoin reward student houses with its cryptocurrency tokens (Philcoins) for each housepoint earned throughout the year. All students are assigned to different houses from FS1 and begin earning points from Year 1. The reward system is built to promote a positive and inclusive environment that encourages students to achieve their best and develop a common goal. Students can earn points for their house for academic achievements, excellent behaviour, displaying Repton Values, and inter-house competitions as well as special recognition from the principal and more.


The total points earned by Repton’s student houses will be matched by equal number of  Philcoins, and transferred to each house wallet at the end of the academic year. Throughout September 2023, Philcoin will hold informative sessions for Repton teachers, students and parents about cryptocurrency, what Philcoin stands for and how this latest collaboration is the first of its kind in the region. House teachers will also be appointed as Philcoin Champions, who will oversee and supervise any transactions and engage with Philcoin’s platform.


Under the guidance of the Philcoin Champions, Philcoin will donate the accumulated tokens to a philanthropic cause of student’s choice that is registered with Philcoin or take it forward to the next academic year. Further, the winning house at the end of the year will receive two tokens for every one house point earned. On behalf of the house with the most points, Philcoin will also donate AED 10,000 in kind to a philanthropic cause at the end of the school year.


Commenting on the partnership, Gillian Hammond, Chief Education Officer at Repton Family of Schools and Principal of Repton Dubai says, “At Repton, we have always been at the forefront of cultivating a sense of social responsibility in our students and this partnership with Philcoin will help us achieve exactly that. We are excited to provide our students with an opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency, and to put their hard-earned house points to good use. This will also enable students to make meaningful contributions that align with our schools’ values.”


Philcoin is an award-winning blockchain platform with a global community of over 100 million members across the world. It is the only application with a Give-To-Earn programme that integrates donations into its various transactions. Users are required to share their tokens with others before they can access the tokens they have earned. Additionally, Philcoin is home to PHILEducation, an in-built education application, where people across the world can access accredited courses, soft skills training and more.


Elated by this opportunity, Tatum April, Chief Marketing Officer at Philcoin said, “At Philcoin, our aim is to create the largest global giving movement that will pave the way for a stable future and greater equality for all. We are proud to be partnered with the outstanding Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, a first-of-its-kind partnership in the region. While students are not engaging with cryptocurrency directly, Reptonians will be learning how these tokens can help create an economy in underprivileged societies. We look forward to working together with the Repton Family of Schools to foster innovation, nurture learning, and make impactful choices.”


The partnership represents a groundbreaking step towards bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and humanitarianism. The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE and Philcoin are leading by example within the education ecosystem, adopting cryptocurrencies to further charitable efforts in the UAE.

Link to podcast episode with Gillian Hammond announcing the partnership: Announcing Philcoin’s first philanthropic UAE partnership with esteemed Repton Schools

Repton Family of Schools Achieve Excellent 2023 GCSE Results

  • Repton Abu Dhabi’s GCSE cohort attains outstanding scores with 37% of exam entries awarded grade 9-8 (A*) and 56% obtaining 9-7 (A*-A) grades
  • Repton Dubai achieves exceptional results with 41% of students receiving 9-8 (A*) grades and 65% securing 9-7 (A*-A) grades
  • Both Repton Abu Dhabi and Repton Dubai accomplished a 97% overall student pass rate of 9-4 (A*-C)

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE celebrates their students’ exceptional performances in the 2023 GCSE examinations, reflecting its dedication, commitment, and passion towards achieving academic excellence.


Repton Abu Dhabi is proud to announce its students’ achievements with a 97% overall student pass rate of 9-4 (A*-C) in this year’s GCSE examinations. 56% of exam entries achieved grades 9-7 (A*-A). The 2022 – 2023 cohort has alsosurpassed last year’s results, with 37% of exam entries awarded the maximum grade 9-8 (A*), in comparison to 30% in 2022.


Steven Lupton, Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi, said: “The outstanding results achieved in the 2023 GCSE examinations are a testament to continued efforts, commitment and passion of our students, teachers and wider school community. We are proud of their achievements, and I would like to congratulate them on the level of academic excellence displayed this year.”


Partaking in the celebrations, students at Repton Dubai continue to display praiseworthy academic performances for the 14th consecutive year, with 41% of exam entries awarded 9-8 (A*) grades and 65% achieving 9-7 (A*-A) grades, while securing an overall student pass rate of 97%. Last year, 29% of exam entries from the Nad Al Sheba campus were awarded 9-8 grades (A*).


Gillian Hammond, Principal at Repton Dubai, and Chief Education Officer of Excella, said: “Our students have surpassed all expectations, and we are proud of their remarkable achievements. It is a testament to our teachers’ dedication, who have guided and nurtured each student to excel academically, creatively, and in their extracurricular pursuits. The fruits of their labour have already culminated in Repton Dubai’s outstanding IB results – the second highest by a K12 school in the UAE. We extend sincere gratitude to the parents for their tireless support, which has played a vital role in this success, and heartfelt congratulations to our students on achieving outstanding results in this year’s examinations.”


The Repton Family of Schools academic achievements are included below:

GCSE 2023 Results Repton Abu Dhabi Repton School Dubai
% of exam entries graded A*/9-8 37% 41%
% of exam entries graded A*-A/9-7 56% 65%
% of exam entries graded A*-B/9-6 76% 83%
% of exam entries graded A*-B/9-5 91% 92%
% of exam entries graded A*-C /9-4 97% 97%



Repton Abu Dhabi attains exemplary results in Science subjects with:

  • Physics: 100% of Grades 9-7 (A*-A)
  • Biology: 100% of Grades 9-6 (A*-B)
  • Chemistry: 95% of Grades 9-6 (A*-B)
  • Students taking a Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish) exceeded predicted grades and had an average value-added grade of +1.8 (French) and +2.2 (Spanish) per student.
  • 100% of students have a pathway into the Repton Sixth Form to study A-levels or BTECs. Repton Abu Dhabi has recently been approved to deliver BTECs from the start of this academic year creating further pathways to global universities.
  • Top Performer: Arshiya Kabir achieved an amazing Grade 9 in all subjects which includes English Language, English Literature, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, French, and Geography.


Top Student Performers at Repton Abu Dhabi

  • Arshiya Kabir – 9 x Grade 9’s (A*)
  • Wahyu Wijaksono – 5 x Grade 9’s, 1 x Grade 8 and 3 x Grade 7’s
  • Aleksandra Babinska – 3 Grade 9’s, 4 Grade 8’s and 2 Grade 7’s
  • Michelle Johnson – 1 Grade 9, 6 Grade 8’s and 1 Grade 7
  • Sandra Li – 5 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 7’s and 1 Grade 6



  • Repton Dubai achieved excellent results in Foreign Languages, scoring 100% of Grades 9-6 (A*-B) in Chinese, Italian, Russian, and Arabic B.
  • Repton School Dubai achieved excellent scores in several subjects with:

    • Pure Math: 100% of Grades 9-5 (A*-B)
    • Physics: 98% of Grades 9-5 (A*-B)
    • Computing, English Language, and English Literature: 95% of Grades 9-5 (A*-B)

Top Student Performers at Repton School Dhabi

  • Zain Junaidi – 9 Grade 9’s
  • Matthew Mahrous – 9 Grade 9’s
  • Ben Gosling – 8 Grade 9’s
  • Hanalina Al Shirawi – 6 Grade 9’s and 2 Grade 8’s
  • Maryam Perjessy – 5 Grade 9’s and 3 Grade 8’s


Students will be able to view their results on the Repton Passport, the region’s first K12 blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio. It enables students and alumni from the Repton Family of Schools to safely and securely receive, manage, and share their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments via unique links. Furthermore, the digital portfolio has also introduced a unique feature, the Curriculum Vitae (CV) Builder, which students can use to create multiple custom CVs that can be shared with prospective employers and universities.


The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE aims to empower their students to better position themselves as ideal candidates for top university enrollments and career opportunities.


To learn more about Repton Family of Schools’ educational pathways, please visit:

Repton Abu Dhabi:

Repton Dubai:

Repton Abu Dhabi Sets Outstanding First Cohort A-Level Results For 2022/23

  • Repton Abu Dhabi’s first A-Level cohort (Year 13) attains outstanding grades with 33% of exam entries awarded A*-A grades
  • 78% of exam entries awarded A*-C grades

Repton Abu Dhabi’s inaugural A-Level cohort (Year 13) has achieved exceptional grades with 33% of exam entries awarded A* to A, and 78% awarded A* to C grades. Over a third of the grades came in higher than what students were predicted to achieve, demonstrating the extraordinary value add the Repton Abu Dhabi teachers have provided them.


For their exceptional performances, Reptonians have earned acceptance offers from some of the top universities in the world, including McGill University (Canada), University of New South Wales (Australia), University of Bristol (UK) and University of Manchester (UK).

Repton Abu Dhabi also highlights Haroun Ouali, for attaining 1 A* and 3 A grades and will be studying at Brunel University London, UK. Liyan Al Ramehi has attained 1 A* and 2 A grades and will study Medicine. While Sami Youssef secured a spot at IE University, Spain, for Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics.


Delighted by the outstanding results, Steven Lupton, Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi said, “We are immensely proud of our first A-Level cohort’s milestone achievement. They have set an outstanding precedent for future cohorts to aspire to, and I would like to congratulate all the students for their incredible performances in this year’s examinations. I would also like to extend my gratitude to our dedicated teachers and parents for their unwavering support in cultivating a passion for excellence in our children. As they embark on their future endeavours, I am confident they will continue to shine and make us proud.”


Launched during the 2021-2022 academic year, the Repton Passport is the region’s first K-12 blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio that the graduating cohort can use to view their results. Students and alumni can receive, manage, view and share their digital portfolio, academic and extra-curricular achievements safely and securely with prospective university and career opportunities.

The digital passport recently updated its features with an in-built CV Builder, enabling students to create seamless and personalized CVs. Repton Passport also incorporates an additional layer of security and credibility, and includes links to blockchain-secured credentials that enable one-click authentication.


“Repton Abu Dhabi’s inaugural A-Level cohort has accomplished outstanding results, a testament to the tremendous hard work of our students, the encouragement from parents, and the commitment of our teachers. Our students across the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE have exemplified Repton values in this year’s examinations, with Repton Dubai students also achieving the second-highest scores by a K-12 school in the UAE in the 2023 IB examinations. At all our Repton Schools we continue to forge a bright path, empowering our students to become lifelong learners and compassionate leaders. Congratulations to Repton Abu Dhabi for making us extremely proud once again,” concludes Gillian Hammond, Chief Education Officer at Excella.


To learn more about Repton Abu Dhabi, please visit:

Repton Family of Schools Announces Key Senior Leadership Appointments for 2023/2024 Academic Year


  • Gillian Hammond will take on the role of Principal at Repton School Dubai as current Headmaster, David Cook departs
  • Head of Senior School, Chandini Misra has been appointed as Principal of Repton Al Barsha
  • Steven Lupton occupies the role of Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi permanently

 The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE (RFS), part of Excella, the leading operator of high-performing K-12 schools, has announced Gillian Hammond as Chief Education Officer of Excella and Principal at Repton School Dubai.  Currently serving as Principal of Repton Al Barsha, Hammond will replace David Cook, the current headmaster of Repton Dubai and Chief Education Officer, as he returns to the United Kingdom.


Speaking on her new role as Chief Education Officer of Excella and Principal at Repton School Dubai, Hammond says: “I am excited to lead the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE with my new role, as we continue to inspire a community where excellence thrives. My colleague, David Cook, will be leaving a six-year legacy in his departure and I will ensure that the standards of excellence delivered at Repton are continued.”


Hammond brings a wealth of expertise and leadership experience to the role and has been Repton Dubai’s Inclusion and Safeguarding Governor since 2018. She joined as Principal of Repton Al Barsha in September 2022, after proudly serving as the Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi for over four years, successfully leading the school to an Outstanding rating by ADEK.


Cook has been Principal at Repton Dubai since August 2017. Throughout this time, the school has continued to prosper and thrive, consistently achieving a DSIB Inspection rating of ‘Outstanding’, one of only 20 schools in Dubai, from over 216 international schools, to achieve this rating. As Excella’s Chief Education Officer, Cook’s leadership at both a School and Group level was instrumental in managing and overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring a seamless transition to online learning, and a prompt and successful reopening of the schools upon return to the classroom.


Recognised for her successful position in leadership as Head of Senior School at Repton Al Barsha after her original appointment in 2021, Chandini Misra will move into the leading Principal position of the school. After a successful academic year as interim principal, Steven Lupton will take on the permanent position for Principal at Repton Abu Dhabi starting September 2023.


With a strong leadership team, boasting a wealth of experience, The Repton Family of Schools looks forward to an exciting academic school year for 2023/2024, and beyond. Repton School Dubai and Repton Al Barsha recently attained a ‘Very High’ KHDA Rating for Mental Wellbeing provisions while Repton Abu Dhabi recently celebrated an the ‘Outstanding’ rating in all areas from the British Schools Overseas (BSO) report for the 2022-2023 academic year, a highly rare achievement for schools to receive in their first BSO inspection. Furthermore, Repton Dubai was also named as one of the best private schools in the Middle East according to the Spear’s Schools Middle East index.


For more information on Repton Dubai, please visit:

For more information on Repton Al Barsha, please visit:

For more information on Repton Abu Dhabi, please visit:

Repton Dubai Applauds Students’ Exceptional Performances In 2022/2023 IB Examinations

  • Pierre Touma & Bruno Barcak both achieved 41 points in the IB Diploma and will be attending University College London to study Mechanical Engineering and Law respectively
  • 63% of students scored above 35 points, with the average score being 36 points
  • 93% of students scored above the 30.2 points global average

Repton Dubai students end the 2022 – 2023 academic year with phenomenal performances in this year’s International Baccalaureate (IB) final assessments, achieving an average score of 36 points in the IB Diploma Program (IBDP).  Repton’s average points per student compares very favourably with the global average points per student of 30.2 points.

The cohort’s outstanding performance this year is testament to Repton Dubai’s continued focus on nurturing academic excellence across all year groups. Students have received offers from the world’s highest-ranked institutions and universities, including University College London, University of St Andrews, Melbourne University, University of Edinburgh, Durham University, Boston University and the University of Manchester.


Repton Dubai particularly notes Pierre Touma, Head Boy, for achieving 41 points and his tireless dedication throughout the IBDP, which has earned him offers from UCL and Leeds University. Meanwhile, Abdullah Mohammed achieved 40 points in the IB Diploma, and will study at the University of St Andrews, aspiring to become a Doctor.


The table below includes student highlights and university destinations:


Name IBDP Points Destination Subject
Pierre Touma 41 University College London Mechanical engineering
Bruno Barcak 41 University College London Law
Abdullah Mohammed 40 University of St Andrews Medicine
Yashua  Aboumourad 40 University of Melbourne Architecture
Sara Bouhadi 39 University of Bath Psychology


David Cook, Headmaster at Repton Dubai and Chief Education Officer of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, expressed his elation at this year’s results: “Reptonians, once again, have shown their dedication to achieving academic excellence and passion for Repton’s core values through their results. I’d like to thank our teachers and parents for their support and devotion to the development of our students in the classroom, helping to nurture well-rounded professionals of the future. Congratulations to this year’s graduating cohort for ending this chapter of their lives on a high note; I wish them the best of luck in the bright future that lies ahead for each and every one of them.”


Repton Dubai’s students have previously received acceptances from the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, and more.


The graduating cohort is able to view their results on their Repton Passport, the region’s first K-12 blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio launched in June 2022 by the Repton Family of Schools. Students’ results are displayed along with their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments during their tenure at the school, as well as their very own digital year book.


The Repton Passport has received an exciting new update with an in-built CV Builder. The innovative new feature enables students to seamlessly create multiple customised CVs, simplifying the process for university and job applications. These CVs include links to blockchain-secured credentials, which students can share using 1-click authentication, adding an extra layer of security and credibility. Furthermore, art scholars, art enthusiasts and digital leaders across Repton Dubai, Repton Abu Dhabi and Repton Al Barsha collaborated to create a unique & symbolic cover to commemorate the academic year 2022-2023.

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UAE Students Use AI To Design Immersive Game Ideas At Repton Al Barsha’s Annual Creativity Festival

  • 108 students across nine schools in the UAE participated in the Apple Distinguished School’s annual Creativity Festival
  • Students used generative AI tools to design game ideas based on solving global environmental challenges

Repton Al Barsha, part of Excella, a leading operator of high-performing K-12 schools, hosted the largest iteration of its annual Creativity Festival on Wednesday, 31 May 2023. 108 students from Years 3 to Year 6 across nine participating schools in the UAE demonstrated innovative gaming ideas, showcasing how technology is changing the world.


In its fourth edition, the annual Creativity Festival was a resounding success as schools across the UAE celebrated students’ creative flare and passion for innovation. Participating schools included Repton Al Barsha, Horizon English School, Hartland International School Dubai, Kings School Al Barsha, Safa British School, Dubai English Speaking College, Bloom World Academy, Repton Dubai, and Repton Abu Dhabi.


Under the theme AI Game Pitch Challenge, students were tasked with creating engaging and creative pitches for unique game ideas using generative AI tools such as Picsart, Songen, Revoice, Keynote, Pages and Clips. Students honed their skills, including creativity, problem solving, teamwork and communication, while learning about the exciting and endless possibilities of generative AI tools.


Gillian Hammond, Principal of Repton Al Barsha said, “As a proud Apple Distinguished School, we aim to provide excellent educational journeys that offer personalised and experiential learning outcomes for each student, and we are committed to encouraging student curiosity in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Our innovators of the future creatively showcased their ground-breaking ideas on how technology and innovation is changing the world in which we live.”


Repton Al Barsha teachers also hosted multiple workshops throughout the day where students explored various aspects of the design process, including pitching narrative, art, drama and music. In the AI workshop, students explored how to use AI tools to develop game ideas as well as experiment with new tools and technologies that are rapidly integrating into everyday life.


Students participated in groups of four and recorded their innovative pitches showcasing their creations. These were then submitted digitally for judges in the industry to review and score.


Winners Category List:

  • Overall Best Winning Pitch: Repton Al Barsha
  • Best music: Hartland International School
  • Best drama: Repton School Dubai
  • Best art: Kings School Al Barsha

Judges on the day included serial entrepreneur and founder of the world’s fastest growing Edtech application – School Hack.AI, Mr Muhammad Khalid. Dr Jihan Zahran also joined the judging panel; as an educational specialist for Middle East Data Systems UAE, she brings over 20 years of experience as an educational and innovation expert in the field of technology. Anand Ramachandran, Co-Founder of Bigfatphoenix Interactive also engaged in the festival as part of the judging panel, celebrating the students’ creative pitches and shared his expertise on game development concepts.


As an Apple Distinguished School, Repton Al Barsha is committed to engaging with the community of learners across the country and offers nurturing and holistic educational pathways. The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE provides students with a supportive environment to develop confident and resilient students who are well equipped for life after Repton.


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