The desire to understand and explore the world around us, has existed since before there were schools and will doubtless exist after schools as we know them, are a distant memory.

Over millennia men and women from all cultures and backgrounds have conducted experiments which have contributed to the shared knowledge of the human race.

But why is practical science so important to us here at Foremarke School Dubai?   

One answer might be to encourage us all to look around us! We live an increasingly complex and technological world where an understanding of how things work is critical. Moreover, in these times of fake news and misinformation, the ability to try and discern fact from fiction, truth from falsehood, has never been more important.

That is not to say that science is a dull exploration of scientific facts, laws and theorems; quite the opposite. Our pupils start by learning the scientific method, but always at Foremarke School Dubai, Science is very much practical subject. Wherever possible we recreate classic experiments so that students get to experience discovery, in exactly the same way as Newton, Darwin or Galileo. Our aim is to enthuse students with a love of the unknown and a thirst for answers, in the full knowledge that the answers we discover today, may only supply us with yet more questions!

Foremarke School has a carefully crafted science curriculum that develops the skills of our students, be they practical so that they are confident using an ammeter or burette, mathematical, so that they can calculate frequencies and relative molecular masses, or literacy based, so that they can write a reasoned conclusion or experiment evaluation. We are determined to ensure that science is not a collection of knowledge to be memorised, rather it is training the mind in how to think logically about the world and yet still hold it in awe and wonder.